Carcassonne - The Tower (Expansion #4)

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Expansion #4
With 18 Land tiles and 30 tower floors, you can construct towers to spot your opponents` meeples, giving you a direct, strategic method of interacting with other players. 
When placing a tile depicting a foundation, the player can place a tower floor on that tile or on any open tower on the board. The player can then capture any other player's follower on the board that is visible from the tower. Captured followers are only returned by paying three victory points or “exchanging” prisoners with someone holding one of your followers. The Tower also makes it easier to keep your play area in order. The Tile Tower accessory organizes your tiles from the base game and expansions, making everything easy to access as you play.

Also included is a Tile Tower accessory to organize your tiles.

Carcassonne base game required to play this.

Expansions do not need to be purchased in order.

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