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In Fresco, players are master painters working to restore a fresco in a Renaissance church.


Each round begins with players deciding what time they would like to wake up for the day. The earlier you wake up, the earlier you will be in turn order, and the better options you will be guaranteed to have. Wake up early too often, however, and your apprentices will become unhappy and stop working as efficiently. They would much rather sleep in!


Then, players decide their actions for the turn, deploying their apprentice work force to various tasks. You'll need to buy paint, mix paint, work on painting the fresco, raise money (which you'll need to buy the aforementioned paint!) by painting portraits, and perhaps even send your apprentices to the opera in order to increase their happiness. Points are scored mostly by painting the fresco, which requires specific combinations of paints, so you'll need to buy and mix your paints wisely, in addition to beating other players to the paints and fresco segments you would like to paint.


Fresco includes several expansion modules, so you can play without expansions for a lighter family game or add in expansions to vary play and increase the decision-making and difficulty, resulting in a very flexible game with a high replay value.

Product Information

2019 5 Seasons Best International Strategy Nominee

2013 Hungarian Board Game Award Nominee

2012 Guldbrikken Best Adult Game Nominee

2011 JoTa Best Artwork Nominee

2011 Hra roku Nominee

2011 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee

2011 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee

2011 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Nominee

2011 Årets Spill Best Family Game Nominee

2010 Spiel Des Jahres Nominee

2010 Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee

2010 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee

2010 Juego del Año Finalist

2010 Japan Boardgame Prize Voters' Selection Nominee

2010 International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Multi-player Nominee

2010 Graf Ludo Best Family Game Graphics Winner

2010 Gouden Ludo Nominee

2010 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee

2010 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee

2010 Deutscher Spiele Preis Best Family/Adult Game Winner

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