Legend of the Five Rings RPG Courts of Stone Sourcebook


Welcome to the Courts


This 144-page sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to Rokugan’s castles, keeps, and courts, where a key grain of information, a sharp wit, and a well-placed word can be deadlier than any sword. In this book, you will discover the secrets of the Empire’s seats of power, as well as new rules for integrating shinobi characters into your campaigns, and a wealth of information about the Crane Clan. Complete with a host of new schools, techniques, weapons, apparel, artifacts, and cultural information, Courts of Stone provides you with everything you need to build an immersive roleplaying experience that puts you in the heart of the Emerald Empire courts.


In the first section of this sourcebook, you are introduced to the varied Imperial strongholds that stand scattered across Rokugan. Here, you will find instructions for building your own architectural marvel, as well as sample castles that highlight the unique priorities of each clan. For example, the Dragon Clan’s Shiro Kitsuki guards the one easy path through the mountains with gatehouses filled with puzzles and traps to train Dragon cadets and confound attackers, while the Phoenix Clan’s Kyūden Asako is dedicated to healing and comfort, encompassing hot springs with an ancient, but lovingly restored castle where scholarship thrives.


Beyond the castles themselves, this section also provides more information on the Crane Clan than ever before, examining their lands and traditions and granting you deeper insight into the diplomatic skills that have elevated them to the position of Left Hand of the Emperor. By learning from these masters of the court, you can take control of the political landscape, and ensure that the status of your clan is secure as you shape the future of the Emerald Empire to your design.

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