Articulate! You Life

Author(s): VENTURA

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The fast talking description game enhanced game play, new categories and electronic random timer!

Teams compete to be the first round the board by guessing words that their team-mates describe during turns that vary in length.

Team called DESCRIBER take a card and describe the entry

corresponding to the segment on which their playing piece sits.

When one of the team GUESSERS shouts out the correct answer the DESCRIBERS quickly take another card and repeat the process using the same category. When the timer runs out, the turn is finished, scoring take place and turn goes to next team.

The first team to land on or pass the FINISH segment WINS.

The ENTERTAINMENT category on the Finish segment is used if players decide beforehand that they want a longer game and play two circuits.

Players must not:

Say what letter the word starts with or how many letters it contains. Say the word itself or any derivative e.g. If the

word is ‘Post’ you may not say ‘Postage’ or if it is ‘Swim’ you may not say ‘Swimmer’

Players may:

Gesticulate, act or mime (but not by mouthing words).

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