1000pc Treat Yo'Shelf Garden Shelf jigsaws


Artist Aimee Stewart is a self taught artist, photographer and writer who music in her soul and daydreams in her blood living life as one giant endevour. Aimee creates whatever comes pouring out of her carousel mind at any given moment. Could be surreal… could be romantic… could be poignant?. "It is as much of a journey for me, as being in a foreign country and deciding which road to walk down. One thing for sure is that I can’t hold it back. It is thrilling to see what new jewel I can pluck from my imagination, or what well-loved treasure I decide to bring out for a polish. Either way… it’s bound to attract some curious onlookers, who will either stick around to see what comes next, or who will head on down the road to find their own eclectic collection. All I hope is that I can at least tuck a little inspiration in their pocket before they go".

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The titles for Treat yo' Shelf are: A Stitch In Time, Fantastic Voyage, The Garden Shelf and Wine Shelves.

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